What if I develop symptoms of covid?

Please call 811 to be screened by a medical professional. If they recommend isolating yourself, please call the clinic to cancel your appointment. There will be no charge for a late cancellation due to covid. 

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy with the goal to restore mobility and proper mechanics to all areas of the body. The osteopath looks at the whole body, assessing front to back and top to bottom to ensure the body works as well as possible. An osteopath can be likened to being a human mechanic.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

You do not need a doctors referral to see any of our practitioner, however some insurance companies require that you have a doctors referral for reimbursement.

You need to check with your health insurance for details as they are all different. Usually you do not need a doctors referral to see an osteopath, most plans do not require a doctors referral for physiotherapy except the government sun life.

So, I've booked my first appointment. What happens on my first visit?

To better assess any issues, we ask that you fill out a patient intake form. Once you book your first appointment, we will email you an intake form that you can fill out digitally, or print off and fill out a hardcopy that you can bring to your first appointment. Your initial assessment is usually a 1 hour appointment.

Does my private health care insurance cover your services?

Most plans cover the cost of physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathy and acupuncture. There is usually a limit, some only cover a % of treatment, so you will have a co-pay. Again you need to check your plan for details.

Does your clinic provide direct billing to insurance companies?

Yes we do. We can direct bill blue cross for all therapies. Most other plans allow us to bill directly for acupuncture, physiotherapy and massage therapy, but not osteopathy. The government sun life plan does not allow direct billing for any therapies so you will have to pay us first then submit receipts.

Do you see workers' compensation cases?

Yes, we see WCB (Workers' Compensation Board) patients.

I was in a car accident. Who pays for treatment?

For soft tissue injuries your car insurance will pay for up to 20 visits within 90 days following the accident. After 90 days of injury or if you have more severe injuries such as a fracture or a concussion you must first use your private health coverage. Your car insurance will cover costs once you have exhausted your private insurance or if you do not have private health insurance. This is dictated by Nova Scotia law.

How many times do I need to see a therapist?

This depends on the problem, the length of time you have had it, the severity of symptoms and number of areas involved. For acute injuries we may suggest treatment with physiotherapy or acupuncture 2x week, osteopathy and massage therapy maybe once week. We expect that you should see some improvement in 3 visits. If not we may refer you to another practitioner in the clinic or your primary health provider for further investigation.

With some chronic conditions, regular massage therapy, osteopathy, or acupuncture can help with health maintenance and our clients come in for regular treatment.

Who should I see first?

This depends on your problem. Please check our list of practitioners for special areas of interest or expertise. Our reception staff are also quite knowledgeable on what each practitioner has to offer and can make some suggestions. A benefit of our multidisciplinary team is that we will cross refer if we feel another team member can help you and work together to get you better quickly as possible.

Is the clinic wheelchair accessible and is parking available?

Yes, we have a ramp into the clinic, a wheelchair assessable bathroom and all treatment tables are adjustable. Parking is onsite with convenient parking close to the ramp. 

I have a lot of scent sensitivities. Can you accommodate me?

We do have a no scent policy and use eco-friendly, scent free cleaning products as much as possible, but we can’t control what our other clients may be using. Since covid we are required to use disinfection products, some of which have unavoidable chemical scents/active ingredients. Let us know if you have a problem and we will try to accommodate you