Massage is not just a luxury. It's a way to a healthier, happier life.

Massage Therapy is the manual manipulation of muscles and other soft tissues. It is a type of health care used to relieve pain/discomfort, improve joint range of motion, aid in soft tissue healing processes and to reduce stress. It is an ancient form of healing used successfully for many centuries, and there is a vast variety of treatment types and techniques.

Swedish massage is the most common type of massage that therapists in Canada use, however we are required to continue our education with more specialized training in the direction we choose. Because of this all Massage Therapists have their own style and approach to treatment, which ensures that there is a therapist out there for everyone!

Treatment with a registered Massage Therapist is covered by most healthcare plans. (Some plans vary, please check your own personal plan):

We are able to direct bill online with the following companies:

  • Medavie Bluecross 
  • Chambers of Commerce 
  • Cowan 
  • Desjardins Insurance 
  • Great-West Life 
  • Industrial Alliance 
  • Johnston Inc. 
  • Manulife Financial 
  • Johnston Group 
  • Standard Life 
  • Sun Life Financial


Jade Stone Massage is now available!

Please specify if you are interested in this treatment when booking an appointment.


Known to the Chinese as the “Stone of Heaven”, jade has always been a prized gemstone in many parts of the world. It has been used by the African Egyptians and Mayans as a massage and meditation tool for over 7000 years.

Jade Stone Massage incorporates heated and cooled Jade Stones that are placed on or under the body, as well as used directly for massage. Jade Stone massage combines the benefits of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy.

While placing and massaging heated stones, the therapist can work deep into the muscle tissue encouraging a greater release of muscle tension and pain, without discomfort to the client. One stroke of a heated stone is equivalent to seven strokes of a hand.

These stones have been cut to various shapes and sizes and then polished, providing a very smooth and silky feeling on the skin. The combination  therapy of alternating these hot and cold stones, massaged into the client’s muscles, acts like a vascular flush!!